Immaculate Shirdi Sai Baba Immediately Giving a Boon

Once you think of the serpentine Baba who immediately becomes a boon to the listener of Kaliyuga, the sins of the nine generations will be solved.

The world today is on the path. Sai Baba, who lives in a steady state, is not only a goddess in the minds of millions, but also one of his family. Things happened to those who trusted him completely and firmly. This is why the temples of Saripa Sai Baba's temples around the world are growing. 

Blessed are those who have learned about Saridhi Sai Baba at this birth and have come to understand his glory. This evening is the perfect set for you to get that shit. Get to know Sai Baba first ...

Who is the mother and father of Saridibaba? What's hometown? What is the physical name? No one knows about any of these. As a child, Baba was brought up by a great Mohammedan. The gentleman had great love for Baba. Baba will not be separated for some time. He died suddenly one day. 

Baba, who had no support, was taken by a gentleman and handed over to Gopalrao Deshmukh. He said he had no one. 

Gopalrao Deshmukh is an ardent devotee of Tirupati Venkatasalapathy. The people regarded him as very wise.
Gnani Gopalrao Deshmukh's eyes upon seeing Baba as a child, Satsad Venkatasalapatti felt as if he was standing. He grew up treating Baba like his son. Baba too grew up with Gopalrao Deshmukh as his Guru. 

Gopalrao Deshmukh is an ardent devotee of Baba's spiritual guru. So Baba got the blessings of Lord Guru and Venkateshape. The guru and the disciple were very lovable, valued, respected, and famous. So they were jealous.

On one occasion, when the priest and the disciple were alone, a jealous man struck a stone. The stone fell on Baba's head. The blood began to bleed once it hit the head. The dead man stood still and took a stone again. Seeing this, Gopalrao Deshmukh stood in front of Baba, fearing that the stone would fall on Baba again. The stone began to shed blood on Deshmukh. 

Myself is bothering you. So Baba asked Guru to let me go alone. Hearing this, the Guru was very upset.

Then, do not regret Baba! There are many benefits to the world. I am going to leave the earth soon. So I will give you all the gifts and powers I have received from the gods. 

He did not stand up and asked the nearby cow to milk the milk in order to get it done. Upon hearing the Guru's command, Baba asked the cow's owner to milk the cow. 

Sir, this is sterile. There is no calf yet. The cow belonged to the cow. When Baba heard this, he took him and his cow to the guru. The Guru placed his hand on the cow's lap. What a surprise! Once the lap was pressed, the milk began to overflow.

Baba brought milk and gave it to Guru. The Guru, who received the milk, gave milk to Baba saying that from this moment onwards, I will give all our powers and Guru's grace to Baba with perfect willpower. 

At the same time, the one who hit Baba with a stone, fell to the ground and died. When his companions saw this, they fell on the priest's feet and begged him to forgive and give them life. Hearing this, the Guru said: 

I don't have any power anymore. Whatever it is, ask Baba. They also worshiped Baba. Baba looked at them with tenderness.

Karuna Murthy took Baba's footsteps and sprinkled it on the corpse. What a miracle! He was dead and got up. The riser then fell on Baba's feet and begged to be forgiven. 

Gopal Rawdeshmukh Srivankadasabe pleaded with the Supreme Court, as he had said before. Before his death, Baba had to travel to the West. Baba Saradhi, who had come to the west by the command of his Guru, reached the village. 

In 1854, at the age of sixteen, Baba came to Serdi. But on some days he left. No one knows where he went.

Some years have passed. While on a wilderness journey, Sant Patel saw Baba who was like Pakir. Baba told him to relax. They both needed a fire to smoke. Baba came up with a knife in his hand to dig the land. Then water came to hit the earth with a stick. Baba also mentioned the whereabouts of Sant Patel's horse, which disappeared a few months ago. Sant Patel understood the glory of Baba. 

Sant Patel took Baba to his house. Baba stayed at his house for a few days and treated. When Sant Patel went to the wedding of his nephew's son, he took Baba with him.

The priest, Mahalsapati, who saw the radiant image of Baba, called him Sai. Sai means Swami in Persian. Baba means father in Hindi. The combination of both is known as Sai Baba. 

Sai Baba decided to stay steady. There was one of the oldest mosques in the alley. Baba sits under the neem tree nearby. Baba sits on the leaves of the neem tree, which has become its natural bitterness. Who are you? They asked. And he said, 'I am not! I am Sankaran! I am Srikrishna! I am right! He said that. Yes! He was incarnated as a godly person on earth! 

Baba lived for 12 years and lived like a yogi. Those who felt his divinity admired him as a son.

Many disciples were formed by the grace and mercy of Baba. Thus Baba became a Guru and received the Guru and lived in regularity. 
Baba, who lived like a yogi for many years, ate and ate. In his glory he healed the sick of the sick. Baba's popularity began to spread in the surrounding areas. Many saints came and met Baba. They said they knew the divine nature of Baba and took it to the world. 

Baba would light the mosque at the Dwarkaamayi where he stayed. Two oil merchants supplied oil for the lamp. They decided to test the energy of Baba one day and refused to give him oil. Baba poured water and lit the lamps. Baba's popularity spread throughout the region. Devotees began searching for Baba.

Radhakrishnamai, a woman, looked after Baba's whereabouts and cooked food. Baba used to multiply the food so that all the devotees came in search of Baba. 

Baba, full of divine splendor, behaved as a child. Laughing and laughing made the kids happy. Baba liked Bajan and songs. He encouraged the devotees to sing bhajans and songs. Sometimes Baba danced to the songs.

Baba is indifferent to the plight of the poor. She behaved poorly as a mother. He had great compassion for the lepers. He washed their body ulcers with his own medicine. Baba also learned to understand the shastras. He even amazed the pundits by giving wonderful explanations for the slogans of the Bhagavad Gita and the Quran. 

Baba stood up for religion. Baba was present at the Dwarkamai Mosque. People hailed him as Sai Maharaj. The most common teaching that Baba told the people was Nishtha (faith) and Zaburi (patience). 

Baba was the one who offered the Vadhuti (Vidhuti) offering to all the patients who sought him and eliminated their illnesses. He is always supportive of those who have patience and trust in life.

In Dwarakamayi, the fire that was set on fire by Baba is still burning today. Devotees' offerings still stand today from the Gundam Gundam. Baba, with his golden age, had performed countless miracles during his life in this world. 

On October 18, 1918, I parted her body. Baba, who taught and instructed and blessed tens of thousands of people, continues to understand the blessings of his stupa even after his death. The fortunate ones and those who have been forgiven of their sins have the privilege of worshiping Saridibaba.

People from all over the world are coming to Sai Baba. It alleviates the difficulties of those who trample the uneven soil. Their anxieties disappear. Happiness in their families. Pleasure is blowing. Today, millions of millions of families are living happily. 

Once you think of the serpentine Baba who immediately becomes a boon to the listener of the Kaliyuga, the sins of the nine generations will be solved. If you run towards the alignment, all the misery in your heart will fly in the dust.

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